Keep an eye on your home when you are away.

Home monitoring system perfect for vacation homes, seasonal homes, primary homes during extended travel, any remote location where continuous monitoring would be helpful.

How HouseSetter Works


Continuously measures the temperatures, humidity and power status of your home, and can take a picture.

Cellular Network

He sends the information through his own build-in, secure connection to the cellular network.

HouseSetter Data Center

To our data center where Sherlock’s information is turned into reports or alerts.

Your Computer, Tablet or Smartphone

Which you then receive on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Meet Sherlock

Completely portable, only requires a wall outlet.

Meet Sherlock

Introducing Sherlock

A trustworthy, faithful companion for your unoccupied home.

No long-term contracts and cancellation costs

No more confusing setup or thick instruction manual

No active internet connection or phone line required

No more expensive, complicated, installations

Advanced temperature and humidity sensors

Built-in connection to the cellular data network

Lithium Ion back-up battery for power outages

Designed, developed and assembled in the USA

HouseSetter Alert Dashboard

HouseSetter Alert Settings

Settings from Factory Custom Options
Temperature Alert On
Above 80F
Below 45F
Set your own high & low thresholds
Humidity Alert Off Turn alert On & set your own thresholds
Electrical Power Alert On No options

Alert Timeline

Action: E-mails and Text Alerts Are Sent

Sherlock Detects a Problem

Within 2 Minutes

Alert Condition Still Exists*

Hourly First 6 Hours Every 6 Hours for 2 Days


Within 60 Seconds

*If conditions still exist beyond 3 days, they will continue to be displayed in the weekly HomeData Reports.

National Home Watch Association

As seen on:HouseSetter-Discovery-Channel